What Is Cruise Bike: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Some bikes are built to endure the roughest of terrains. There are some that provide you lightning speed. And even some bikes are assembled for doing the unthinkable things. But the most amazing bikes got nothing on the classic cruiser bikes. Which might bring the question what is a cruiser bike and what makes it so special?

So, if you have wanted to know about them, then you are at the right place.

What is a cruiser bike?

Cruiser bikes aren't something of this era. This goes way back when they first break into the scene in 1930's. So, you can assume they are simple bikes in nature. But what made them so intriguing that they had again resurfaced in these modern times when we got varieties of bikes with today's advanced features. The reason they are still so famous is that they were built for the recreational purpose. Hence, you can assume the luxury level of these bikes has to offer to the riders. But that isn't the most significant part.

The bikes are popular for their stunning design which delivers every eye on the road or beach on them. Why on the beach? That is because they are also known as beach cruisers for their supremacy on the sand surface. And something such bikes can gloat about. In additional, riding a beach cruiser bike is an entirely different experience for both the riders and the people who watch them riding. As cycling on a cruiser feels like a ravishing scene of an exotic movie which you won't get riding any other bike.

The features of Cruiser bikes:

The beach cruiser is usually built using steel. Which might come as a surprise as today most bikes try to use lightweight materials. But cruiser bikes still goes with steel as they are easy to give shapes. And that is something these bikes are known for. As they offer unique and beautiful design. However, many manufacturers nowadays are using conventional materials like aluminum to built them. But a real enthusiast won't might the weight of the steel frames.

Tires of the bikes are something that distinguishes them from other bikes. Beach cruiser are often recognized for their wide balloon tires. That makes the ride smooth on the sidewalks and even on the roads. But the place where the bikes excel is on the beach. And that is no surprise as they are famously recognized as the beach cruiser.

If you are going to ride a bike like this, that is probably because you want to look cool riding them. Not for the fact that you want to ride fast. They are made for enjoying the sightseeing and all those vacation stuff, that is why they have a single speed. But now you can find cruisers with some minimum gears for those riders who also prefer long travels.

Beach cruisers are for ultimate relaxation. So, it is common to find great seats on such bikes. Whether you are riding on a bumpy road or a smooth terrain, all feels the same.

What is a Cruiser bike good for?

For their rad looks and laid back essence, it is a quite common that people inquire about its purpose. Like what is a cruiser bike good for? And here I've discovered some good use for these types of ride.

Commuting seems a good option that comes to mind. Some people might be thinking, are cruiser bikes good for commuting? And they have their reasons to doubt these bikes. But to be honest with; actually, beach cruisers make the perfect bike for commuting. As they are easy to ride, and it doesn't work you out like other bikes. So, you get to the office or other places looking refreshed rather than looking all sweaty.

For a fun riding experience, nothing comes close to a cruiser bike. You can take them and ride on the beach while getting the fresh breeze of air of the sea. And if you're visiting someplace beautiful, you should ride on such bikes as you can enjoy and appreciate the surroundings while riding.

Are cruisers bike good for exercise? If that's one of the aspects that you consider important, then you should be glad to know that they are good for exercising. And one more thing that they help to do is correcting your body posture. As they are upright bikes, it improves riders back posture which is a great thing by the way.

Do I need gears on my Cruiser bike?

Usually, the conventional beach cruisers only boast a single speed system. That is its essence as these bikes aren't about the speed but the opposite. Plus, another big reason going with that idea to make these bikes affordable for a large number of people. But if the sentimental value does not mean anything to you, then you can go with cruiser bikes with more gear options. However, they might cost some more bucks for sure.

How to choose a beach cruiser?

If you take your time then surely you will find a cruiser that is a perfect reflection of your personality. In reality, you will find a lot of evaluations for beach cruisers, but that does not mean that all assessments are accurate and reliable. You simply use your wits to decide which bike you should buy. A hot tip is to choose from the more established brands as it will surely offer quality and you can trust the names.

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Taking the time and enjoy the surroundings around you, that is the motto of cruiser bikes as they take things slow. They might not help you to get to places fast enough. But still, it makes sure that you make the trip in a relaxed way. They let you make a statement as you look chilled riding them and having the time of your life. So, if anyone asks you what is a cruiser bike and why did you get one? You don't need to give the explanation because when you enjoy riding them, people understand the decision.

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