Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike Guide For 2019

Getting the best tricycle for adults that meet your specific standards are a bit challenging, especially if you keep in mind the various choices available in the market or if it’s your first time to buy one. While there are many tricycles available today, Schwinn Meridian adult 26 inches 3 wheel bike is the best for you to have. This article aims to help you know more about this tricycle and decide if it is the model that you deserve. Read on for more!

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike

Why should I buy this tricycle?

The tricycle is very easy to ride, very durable, sturdy, and offers excellent comfort when compared to other tricycle models.

However, even as you surf the web looking for such tricycles, you need to keep in mind that these tricycles are great when it comes to transportation, but they are not for everyone. But, if looking for comfort and safety when riding, these bikes are the best, especially for adults like seniors or bike riding beginners. If you are an expert in bike riding, that does not mean that you cannot ride these tricycles, you can grab one and stroll through town comfortably without having to think of balance. The bike is fun to ride on!

Before buying this bike, read on for features and specifications, pros, cons, and many more to be able to make a more informed decision.

Key features

Safe step on and off an allowance
Everyone wishes to have that safe feeling when hopping on or off the bike. Whether tall or short, you wouldn’t want to fall or slip when doing so and with this bike, you can ride the bike comfortably. One thing that I love about this bike is the presence of a low step pedals.

Big collapsible basket
The bike comes with a large basket that allows you to accommodate a vast amount of luggage. If you are a pet lover, the basket allows you to go with your pet for a ride. The basket is located at the rear, and it is collapsible which means you can keep it away when you don’t need it. The basket is also a dual-function since you can use it as a picnic basket.

Basket swept handlebars
The Schwinn Meridian 26 adult bike comes with basket swept handlebars that promote a comfortable and upright posture when riding. An upright posture is very crucial since it protects your back from injuries.

Various color choices
When it comes to colors, you don’t have to worry since you have so many to choose from. You can choose from blue, black, green, black cherry, dark silver and white colors among others.

To make sure that you are okay with this adult tricycle, the bike comes with a lifetime warranty. That proves how the manufacturer is confident with his product.

Instructional manual
The manufacturer wanted to make sure that the user is aware of everything about the bike. That is why the bike comes with an instructional manual that outlines the tricycles assembly process.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Bike Specification

This tricycle is a single gear bike, and it is not only pretty but is also designed to offer high functionality as well as durability. The bike comes with the following technical specifications:

Single speed
This single speed bike is designed for simplicity when it comes to using but and it doesn’t limit its performance or even affect the speed when riding. Its fixed gear model is a bit similar to the gear used in the traditional bikes since comfort is the key when riding on both long and short distances.

Pull and back brakes
While the bike offers excellent stability and comfort, every rider wishes to know that they have the right features when it comes to coming to a complete halt when they need to get off the bike. The tricycle comes with linear-brakes at the front as well as rear hand-brakes that are found on the back.

26 Wheels
The tricycle comes with 26 tires that offer high speed and still maintains its stability. The bike’s tires also feature alloy rims that come with stainless steel spokes.

Lightweight frame
Weighing seventy pounds, the tricycle is light when it comes to weight, but it comes with very sturdy construction. The bike comes with an aluminum frame without compromising on style since the bike features a sleek and stylish profile.

A spring seat that is adjustable
This is a bike that you can get the most out of it especially if you love long rides around the city or to the beach. The tricycle comes with a big, adjustable, and padded seat that uses spring suspension to improve comfort when riding for an extended period.

To improve visibility during the night and enhance safety, it features reflectors at the rear wheels and on the front wheel. The bike also has reflectors on the pedals and the mudguards.

This tricycle comes with fenders that are put strategically to make sure that the rider’s back is safe from the mud stains, mud gravel as well as dirty water.

Pros and cons of Schwinn 26 Meridian adult tricycle

I am convinced that many individuals love this tricycle since it comes with so many advantages. However, that does not mean that it doesn’t come with some challenges.The tricycle has many advantages that you will stay captivated from the first time you ride on it. This part of the review takes you through to discover some of the pros that come with this bike.

Great safety features
With this tricycle, safety comes first before the overall design of this bike. What I love most about the bike are the brakes since they are the features that stand out. You can halt when you want, and in addition to that, the frame is sturdy enough to endure the daily shocks on the tricycle.

Very affordable
If looking for a tricycle that comes with great features and yet pocket-friendly, then what you need is Schwinn 26. With its durability, comfort, and strength, the bike’s price is very fair and acceptable.

Rust resistant
Thanks to the bike’s aluminum frame, stainless steel spokes, and alloy rims, you don’t have to worry when it comes to rust! All these features keep the bike n good shape regardless of the weather.

Great stability
Since this machine is a three-wheel one, it means that stability isn’t an issue here. The bike’s extra wheel offers balance and stability. Even the seniors or beginners can ride on the bike comfortably without having to worry about falling off the bike.

A training wheel
The third wheel serves as a training wheel for those who are not good at riding. For beginners, balance is the main issue, but with this bike, balance issue is in the past. All you need is to assemble your bike, and you are good to go. If you want to gain enough courage and experience and be able to ride on a bicycle in the future, a tricycle is the best, to begin with.

Can carry various weights
The bike can carry up to 300lbs, and so it can accommodate even those people who consider themselves heavy and fear to ride on bikes. It is also great when going to the grocery as its basket is large enough to carry things.

Very fast
The bike is great when it comes to riding fast, thanks to its big tires. You don’t have to waste time waiting for a cab if you have this tricycle.


Nothing in this world is perfect, and just like any other products, this bike comes with some cons, even though these are cons that you can live with.

Heavy and bulky
Since the bike is three-wheeled, it can at times turn become heavy for some people. Also, the fact that it comes with three wheels, it might be large for your door frame. Just make sure you buy one that is a bit light and one that fits your door frame.

May not be the best for rough terrains
The bike is a single speed one, and so you can only enjoy its full pros if riding on smooth terrains. When riding on rough ones, you may need to put extra effort to reach where you are going.

Some changes are crucial
Once you assemble the tricycle, you need to make some adjustments to avoid non-functional and noisy parts like fenders, brakes, and to prevent the bike from breaking down unnecessarily.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Questions- Does the bike come with a warranty?
Answer- Yes, it comes with a lifetime warranty;

Questions- How about the speed?
Answer- It comes with a single speed, and it is designed for simplicity;

Questions- How much does the bike weigh?
Answer- it weighs seventy pounds, and it is very comfortable and light when riding;

Concluding Remarks
There you have it! Schwinn bike is easy to ride on open roads. The bike is designed for comfort, and its handlebars are reachable for everyone to reach regardless of height. The unique features that come with the bike make it stand out from the rest. The bike offers excellent balance, enough storage space, ease of riding, improved safety measures, and many more. Above all, when it comes to tricycles, Schwinn is a brand that you can truly trust!

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