Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Updated Review 2019 ( Schwinn 700c Wheels)

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Why do you want a Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike for? Is it the comfort, the speed or the long-lasting durability?
Well, no matter the answer is, a good quality hybrid bike can be every man’s right companion out of the home. They just don't only roam around on it but can have an adventurous tour on a mountain or countryside off-road.

A recent statistic from Illinois University has stated that-

“Keeping the body through regular exercise keeps the body immune system vibrant and responsive"

So, as the experts say, it's not only the speed or the design. There's a lot of health benefits as well. And that's why, we've chosen to review one of the finest hybrid bike, Schwinn Discover Men’s in this article.

Let’s start it right away-

Whom Is Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Product For?

The other version of the question is, ‘Who Actually Need A Hybrid Bike?”. Well, once you know what a hybrid bike is for, the rest of answer is pretty simple.

A hybrid bike is something made to be great at both off and on road. No matter you're traveling around the city or having a weekend ride on the country lanes, a men's Hybrid bicycle is something that you’d love to ride on.

So, the product we’re talking about suits best for people who-

• Need to have a day to day ride in the city.
• Like to be on weekend short trips.
• Rides rough trials and semi-sports mountains.

And how this bike can be able to serve you in these many ways? Well, we've explained every aspect of its features. Keep reading through and you'll find the reasons to relate to this claim.

Schwinn Discover Mens Hybrid Bike Review: At A Glance

Just because this Hybrid bike is from Schwinn, we could say that it won't make you regret the investment you make on it. This brand has built their reputed since years and had been producing some of the best quality bikes on the market.

Schwinn Discover Bike is good for everyone, but it's best used for men. The structure, ergonomics, suspension, gear, brake and everything else is made to be fit on both on and off-road. The padded saddles and aligned handlebar will keep the body in a comfortable position of control

The bike weighs almost 21 kilograms with a dimension of 70 inches X 25.5 inches X 43 inches. Once you get it out of the box, it will take approximately 10 to 30 seconds to assemble. The tube size is 700 X 35cc. The weight capacity of this hybrid is almost 250 pounds or 114 kilograms. Finally, the seat adjustment limit is near about 37 inches.

Moving forward, it puts a smile on the user's face who want's his bike to be long-lasting. The frame from Urban riding is tested to last for ages. And when it comes to controlling, you already know what this 700cc bike can do, right? It's tested to be a good ride on plain city roads, junky mountain trails, or off the road of the country side.

Features and Benefits

Strong Built with Cool Design

The first impression that this hybrid bike left on us is it’s amazing visual and strong built. The frame being made of Urban Riding, gives it a sturdy structure. In addition, the front suspension fork and rear back come with a few essential benefits. You can carry a bag or luggage right on the rear back. Apart from the structure, the cool design that Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike brings on, suits almost with anything in the closet.

Safe and Smooth Gear Shift and Brake

Now when you're on a ride on a bike, the safety and ease of drive depend on how much the bike assist you to control its speed. Gear and brake are surely the most key points on that note. Schwinn Discover Men’s Bike is, however, has a Shimano TX-31 gear shift and a ProMax Linear pull brake. As you know how to do a combined use of these two, you are on the safest and smoothest ride of the world.

Paddle and Handlebar Is Made to Provide Comfort

Another bright side of this bike is, it's a great ride to provide comfortable positioning of us men. The upright handlebar is swept back. The saddle is padded with a soft cushion. In together, all these features are meant to provide the least tiring ride on the road. So, no matter how many miles you travel, you’ll not exhaust at all.

Gives You A Full Control on the Speed

Why invest thousands of bucks on a bike that doesn't let you control every bit of its move? Take this Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike as an example. It comes with 21-speed variations with a twist shifter provided. More on that note, it has a rear derailleur. Putting more in the bucket, I Schwinn crank and a linear pull brake are there to complete package. So, with a little price, this bike is able to provide a maximum smoothnessand comfortable ride.


  • Aluminum made city frame.
  • Dual-density in the grips.
  • ​Suspension fork provided.
  • ​Alloy Crank with raise bar.
  • ​Back sweep handlebar.
  • ​21 speed variation.
  • ​45 finger brake levers.
  • ​Rear carrier provided.
  • 250 pounds carrying limit.


  • Plastic made fenders.
  • Assemble time could have been less.

Bottom Line

With a perfect blend of features, this hybrid bike from Schwinn is a perfect blessing who’re after a quality hydride bike. Nomatter it’s the built, design, speed, performance and the price-quality ratio, this bike always put a smile on the face of the rider.

Best of luck with your adventure!

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