How to Fix a Bicycle Chain That Keeps Falling Off – (Update Guide 2019)

“A chain doesn’t break often but when it breaks, it can bring the end of your ride, if you don’t know how to fix it”.

Biking is one of the sweetest ways of transportation that helps you to reach your desired destination. It can save your money, time and the most important things about biking are that it is very good for maintaining your sound health.

A trouble free riding can always give you pleasure but problems like falling your bicycle chain, again and again, can also destroy your pretty journey.

Then what to do when chain falls? It is a very crucial question can often raise your mind if you don’t know how to fix your bicycle chain.

In this article, as an expert, I will try to discuss how to fix a bicycle chain that has fallen off and I hope it will help you a lot and gives your possible solution.

Introduction to Bicycle Chain

It is somewhat necessary to have some knowledge about your bicycle chain such as what are they and how they work as well as what are the good ingredient of a chain. It can help you to choose a better chain in future to avoid trouble related to the chain.

Usually, bicycle chains are made from plain carbon or alloy steel and links are joined by several pins so that it can send the power created by you through your pedals to the cassette to help your bicycle move forwards.

A good quality chain confirms your riding to be felt comfortable and smooth. Excellent chains are made in such a way so that the links can support in gear shift with decent ramps.

Excellent chains also have the rolling pins for keeping lubricate in it and this makes the chain more flexible.

Are You Facing Trouble with Your Bicycle Chain While Riding?

If your answer is yes, don’t worry guys, just relax! If you have some basic knowledge about how to fix your bicycle chain, you can solve this problem within a moment.

Do you want to know how to fix your bicycle chain? Just follow my instructions that have given below:

How to Fix a Bicycle Chain: the Easiest Ways Ever

The following steps will help you repair a broken chain while out on a ride.

Step 1: Stop Riding to Assess the Damage

If you face a problem with your bicycle chain, stop riding and flip your bike cover. This will make easier to assess the damage and fixing the chain. Flip the bicycle so that it rests on the seats and setting it down gently to prevent scuffing.

​Step 2: Use a hammer or chain breaker tool

At your home, it is so easy to repair a chain by using a hammer or pliers but a chain tool is the only option on the street so all of you need a chain tool to fix a broken chain.

Workshop chain tool box can function well but aren’t portable everywhere so try to carry a small one. The first thing to do is to remove the whole chain by using the chain breaker tool if the chain is still attached to the bicycle.

Step 3: Use Lube to Make Your Fixing Easy

After removing the broken chain, it is better to clean it with a degreaser and water so that the chain links can move easily and to impede fixing the chain again within a short time.

Step 4: Push the Pin Slowly from the Broken Part of Your Chain

Now, look carefully at the broken part of your chain to figure out the damaged part of your chain. And use your chain break tool to push the pin out of the broken link. Every link has two pins that are round in shape and attached to the other links of the chain.Keep eye on the broken link that is joined to the rest of the chain.

Step 5: Pull the Broken Link off the Pin

Then you just need to pull your broken link from the pin and apart from it. You only need to take aside the broken link and this pin will enter the open link on the opponent side of the chain to ensure everything back simultaneously.

Step 6: Back the Chain onto the Bicycle

Now you need to get the chain on the bicycle that makes your task easy. Now set the two end of the chain into one another so the holes line up and the pin should remain on the outside so you can push it from all sides to finish your chain complete.

Step 7: Screwing the Chain by Using Chain Breaker Tool

Use your chain break tool again to screwing the pin and push the links and place your hand on the links to make ensure that it is all lineups. Once the pin is in, the link just you have joined will be hard. Turn it back and forth until it loosens enough to bend around the gears.

Step 8: Lubricate the Chain & Reuse Your Bicycle

Lubricate your chain with the bike grease so that your bicycle can run well as before do. Now you can reuse your bicycle and complete your journey.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Bicycle Chain Well & Lasting Longer

It is much better to keep your chain well rather than repair it again and again especially in the mid-way on your ride. In this section, I will suggest the best ways keep your bicycle chain well.

  • Clean it regularly: You can use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt from your bicycle chain and gently wash the degreaser with water and let the chain dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Use lubricant: After your chain is clean, use an appropriate lubricant to keep it moving smoothly.
  • Replace it after a certain period: I recommend to replace your bicycle chain when it crosses about 2,000 miles but this varies from rider to rider on the basis of some factors including rider weight, riding style, and riding surface.
  • Replace chain ring as well: to make your chain perform smoothly, replace your chain ring as well after a specific period.

Important Tips to Remember

  • Do not ride a bicycle if you have any doubt there are something wrong with your bicycle chain.
  • Put on a pair of hand gloves because bike chains are very greasy and your hands can get messy.
  • While mending a broken chain, it is suggested to keep the cycle in a proper standing position to avoid the risk of falling the cycle upon the person who mends it.
  • Fixing a broken chain with bare hands can cause injury so proper instrument should be used to minimize the loss of injury.
  • Always lube the chain after wet rides to avoid it from rusting.

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Final Verdict

The chain is one of the most important parts of your bicycle and without it; your drivetrain and you can’t go anywhere. So it needs to take a good care of those all-important links working their way through your gears.

Learning some basic bicycle repairing tips can help you feel more confident especially when you ride alone. I hope that above-mentioned procedures and tips will help you a lot regarding how to fix a bicycle chain.

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