How to Clean a Bike for Better Use – Step by Step Guide

In the modern age, bike plays a significant role in the human life. Some people use bikes for hobby others are use as the mode of transportation. Bikes also have numerous benefits regarding zero environment pollution as well as the daily workout with exciting experiences.

Clean bike not only looks gorgeous but also work better and even go faster. Regular cleaning will keep your bicycle free from damage or expensive repairs. Although bike cleaning after riding is little uncomfortable, it is important to do regularly to keep it better working status.

Understanding how to clean a bike after a dirty ride is an absolute needed. Through this article, I suggest a comprehensive guide on how to clean a bike properly.

Why you clean your bike?

Giving your bike a proper clean is an easy process to make sure that components last longer as well as making it look nice. Regular cleaning will:

  • Save money, frequent cleaning your bike ensures free from damage or costly repairs.
  • Smooth ride, cleaning your bike not only save your money but also keep your riding smoother for a long time.
  • Get you to work on time, clean bikes not only look brand new but also work well and even go faster.

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Tools you need:

Are you hesitating for the tools that require a bike clean? You can clean your bicycle with simple tools which are available to you. Following equipment are essential for bike cleaning:

  • A bike stand
  • Brushes (including a toothbrush)
  • A bucket of warm water
  • Dry clothes
  • Degreaser and bike lube
  • Screwdriver or thin stick
  • Rags and sponges

How to clean a bike

The process of bike cleaning is not same. People clean their bike in a distinctive method. In my personal experience, after a lot of research following is the useful way I have found. You can usually get your bicycle looking brand-new within fewer minutes. Just look at the following procedures on how to clean a bicycle.

Step-1: Clean the Chain

Clean bike chains ensure easy shifting into the gears. Put the chain in the smallest gears then pedal backward moving it by a wet cloth. For little dirt, it is sufficient to make the chain clean.

If it is not enough, you will require using some degreaser over the chain and allowing it to sink in for 4-5 minutes. When degreaser is used move the chain. Now use a toothbrush to remove dirt and degreaser from every chain link. Lastly, use a clean fluffy dry cloth for the chain messaging makes sure there is no degreaser remains.

Step-2: Clean the Cassette

Use warm water and a brush for washing the rear sprockets. If there found hard dirt, then apply a few degreaser. Use a simple screwdriver to remove mud from the deep inside of sprockets.

Lastly, use a dry cloth for wipe every link of the cassette with moving around to remove anything left. Ensure there is no degreaser left. Properly clean cassette supports the gears turn more smoothly.

Step-3: Clean the rear Derailleur

The rear derailleur is a crucial part of the modern bike. You should keep it clean always for better ride experience as well as long last. Apply a brush to exclude any solid dirt from the derailleur body. Use a screwdriver or thin stick to away mud from both sides. For better feedback use some degreaser and a toothbrush to get off anything that left.

Step-4: Clean the front Derailleur & Chainring

Utilize a brush to remove external mud from the front derailleur and chainring of your bike. Here a toothbrush is helpful to clean any links that are difficult to contact. Now use a dry cloth to away mud from deep parts of the mech.

​Step-5: Clean the bike Frame & Wheel

Use a soft cloth to clean the frame and wheel with warm water. From my experience, you should avoid use liquid (wash-up) because it frequently contains salt that rust your bike if not washed properly. You can polish the frame which prevents it from picking up extra dirt. The saddle can also benefit from some polish. Make sure that the polish is particularly made for bikes.

Step-6: Wipe the whole Body and Parts

​Now you should wipe all the parts and body with a dry cloth. Make sure that there are not remains any water or mud.

​Step-7: Use lube to moving Parts

This is the final stage of bike cleaning. After drying all components, use some bicycle lube to the moving part of your bike. These improve your bike performance. Start with the chain; use an actual chain lubricant on every link by running the chain.

Now use your fingers for lubricant to the rear and front derailleur perfectly. Finally, apply lube to the gear shifters and brake lever. Use a dry cloth for wiping excess lube.

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Important Tips:

  • It is better to clean dirt with dry cloth rather wash. If your bike is not too dirty, just use a dry cloth to remove muddy.
  • Remove major mud before bike washed. These helpful for the next step of clean.
  • Choice the right chain lubes. Dry lubricate is better for good riding conditions and wet lubricate for harsh conditions.
  • It is better to lubricate the bottom rung of the chain.
  • The more frequently you clean your bike, the better it will perform and less your cost of servicing and replacing equipment.


  • Make sure that the lube you use is actual bicycle lube otherwise; your bike can damage.
  • After lubricant your bike chain and other deep parts, wipe off the excess. Remember to keep free your braking surface from the lubricant.
  • From my personal experience, you should not remove bike chain for washing. Without removing chain you are perfectly done the task.
  • You shouldn’t spray the bike with high-pressure water because it will wash away lubricants and grease that your bike needs.

Final Thoughts:

A clean bike is a delightful bike. Regular cleaning bike ensures prevents build up dirt and grease. These make components last longer and improves performance as you feel better every time you ride. Cleaning you bike not only keep your riding smoother for a long time but also it can save your money.

So knowing how to clean a bike is an absolute essential. I hope that instruction mentioned above will help you to overcome any complexity about bike cleaning.

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