Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review: Add Pleasure to Ride

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

In this fashionable world, if you want to become a fashion icon, you have to be a trendsetter. Here is the newly introduced cruiser bicycle which adds more excitement to your life along with the trend.

Youth search for different ways to project them fashionable and this lady's bicycle especially, adds benefit to girls as a trendsetter. Life is all about living excitedly and riding a bicycle adds extra excitement, joy, and comfort to your life. In addition to that, it also acts as a health promoter by balancing blood circulation in our body.

The name,"Firm, strong bicycle" may picturized us with a typical setup but the cycle looks decent with its 26-inch body and very ideal for casual riding. It would be an excellent choice to select this cycle for your riding goals. It can also be used in different environments like beach areas, all around the town or at any paved path.

Most of the people around the world are choosing cycle nowadays as a part of their daily exercise. The reason is it is enjoyable as well as a health beneficiary.

Apart from age grouping, each one prefers to get a good blood circulation to the entire body and also mental peace. Women are the leading supporters of the development of the world. Women play a key role in maintaining the health of the whole family and hence considering their health as primary these new trendy cycles are being introduced.

There exist no cables hanging off from the bicycle and no complicated gear system. One can handle the cycle efficiently irrespective of their age, and it is also easy for children to get learned.

On a pleasant summer afternoon, it would be great to ride this bicycle with friends. You will be able to maintain a cruising speed from 3 to 15 MPH. You can speed up or have control over the constant speed control over the bicycle. This cruiser bicycle has a masterful blend of style and functionality. In simple words, it is the exact model for which the youth dream about. The goal is to make rider to ride experience. The design is an inspiration from classic cruisers, modified with improved mechanics to make your ride pleasant no matter if you ride on or off the uneven path.


-The cruiser has optional color-matched fenders, which adds a newly designed
  look to the bike.
- It fits for the women between 5 to 6 feet tall, and it comes eighty percent assembled.
- It     also includes the facility of an easy-to-use rear coaster brake.cruiser contains a     maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

This 26-inch women's single cruiser bike is easy to handle and gives a relaxed riding. It is different from Classic curvy beach cruiser designed with a 15-inch durable steel frame and aluminum wheels. This is some more modified level for that classic cruiser with special white-walled balloon tires for a cushioned ride and secure use of coaster brakes.

This bicycle also consists of an over-sized seat with a dual spring system to add extra comfort for the heavy weighted people along with ordinary weighted people. Its wide handlebars with rubber grips provide a firm hold of the cycle. Due to the rubber grips, girls who have sweating hands can escape from slipping the handle which is essential to protect them from accidents and injuries.

Benefits you get from the urban cruiser :

Easy Ride

It gives a smooth ride, and it also includes fun as the urban lady pedals provide a smooth movement even on rough roads and in tough times. This model has three different gear options such as one, three, seven, or 21 speeds. You can choose the correct bike which suits your terrain and favorite activities.


The design embraces our roots with an appeal of modernity. It is available in 13 different colors which undoubtedly offer you a choice to select you a suitable unique styled bike.


These bikes are affordable as we see the huge percent of them already ruling over the trending market. This shows its popularity among the youth and its reasonable price.

Comfort seat and wired tires

The ride will be smooth and comfortable due to the double coiled springs on a cushioned seats. It provides a good sitting space even for the stout people causing no backache or discomfort during a ride.
Another unique quality which stands The Urban Lady Cruiser unique from the other bikes is its mechanism of tires. It has wide tires of 2,125" which make every bump to slither slowly.

Smooth riding

The engineers designed the bicycle in an organized way such that it gives an ultra smooth ride over any surface from regular to typical.


Another particular benefit which can attract you towards this bike is its braking system. It is available with, rear coaster brakes for single or 3-speed models or front and rear handbrakes for 7-speed and 21-speed models. Its firm tires and braking system helps you to stop whenever you feel necessary. In case of emergency, they help you avoid sudden injuries and protect you from accidents.

Things We Liked:

  • Strong piece
  • Wonderful design

Things We Didn't Like

  • Little bit stiff


We can say the Urban Lady is an all-rounder as it can be used in multiple ways and almost in every occasion. You can have a good ride on the beach side, upon pavements, even a ride with friends and as a part of your physical exercise.

In some countries like Singapore, cycles are being used to avoid pollution. Acquiring all the benefits along with pleasure is possible with this fantastic cruiser.

Why be late to enjoy your ride?? Start your journey of amusement with the innovatively designed bike, The Urban Lady. After all, it’s not about the destination you reach, it’s all about the journey you made. When there is a right moment, the cruise is the apt choice. So fashion is at your door, welcome it with the newly introduced Firm Strong Urban cruiser bicycle.

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