Critical Cycles Beaumont Review For 2019 (Update)

Critical Cycles Beaumont

Critical cycles are always a trendsetter in introducing a new incredible bike to the users. Surprisingly, this time critical cycles has come up with an innovation that is Beaumont-7 lady's bike.

The bike looks like a basic bicycle, but it is a lovely bike with exciting and extremely new features. Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 has become the most trending product on Amazon. It is a comfortable bike and has all the best features that fit perfectly for everyone.. So girls, aren't you excited to get this cute and cozy Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 lady's bike to your home?

Follow the below description to know more about the Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 lady's bike-

Product Features:

Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 lady's bike is stylish and beautifully designed. The bike will attract the people at first glance itself. The bike is created lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. The hand-built step-thru frame design makes cycle stylish as well as it looks like a classic one.

The frame is tig-welded and tinseled with high strength made the frame to look as a classic diamond shape. Critical Cycles lady's bike designed the bike in a way that it had an upright riding position that supports to commute from one place to another. Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 bike is a perfect choice to ride over the streets on your free and leisure time.

Moreover, not only commuting and riding it also helps in giving good exercise to your body. It is contributing in some way to keep your body healthy and helps to maintain your body fitness. As per the lady's choice, the Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 designed the bike in different colors like Olive, Turquoise, Coral, Black, and Cream.

The bikes are also available in different sizes, and the dimensions are like 38 cm and 44 cm. So you can take your own time to choose a bike and bring it to your home.

The most exciting feature of this Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 is the bike was fitted with Shimano Revoshift shifter and Rear derailleur. This will support you to adjust the gears according to your speed, and the advantage of this feature is the rider need to give any command to your bike.

The thing you need to do is merely twisting the handler with your hand to change the gears while moving. It is an efficient way to change the gear with a simple twist without any effort. So it would make easy to ride on the hill areas just like on the flat surfaces. You can control the bike efficiently as Shimano shifter and rear fit it.

The front and back brakes are fixed correctly to keep your travel or journey safe. The brakes guarantee excellent control all the times while riding. The pedals are made up of steel, and they are fixed in a supportive angle such as it follows the user.

The height of the Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 bike is low stand-over so that it is suitable for all age groups of people.

The seat is made of cushion which provides comforts to the riders. The positioning of the handle and Seat post is held upright to the rider and designed comfortably designed.

The tires of the Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 bike of Wanda holds a grip on the ground for your every ride. The critical Cycles Beaumont-7 bike is featured with a single piece crank-set which is also protected with chain guard. The double wall rims add more beauty to the Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 bike. It is also provided with a center mount kickstand and a locking system.

The extra feature of this bike is it is designed with a cute classic bell that makes the Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 bike looks more traditional. The 7-speed mechanism is inscribed into the bike which provides more speed and supports to move fast. It arrives about 85 percent of the built and pre-assemble with some tools and instructions to help you to start the ride.

The critical Cycles bike is also constructed with a small rack on the back of the bike to keep some needed stuff, and that will travels along with you. It is a great and excellent product which is supplying many uses. The bike looks like a standard bicycle, but it is an advanced version of a bicycle. That credit goes to Critical Cycles.

But the drawback of this product is its weight. The weight of the bike is heavy as it is made up of steel. It is like a big beast to carry, and the maintenance of this product is simple. It is water resistant if you treat this in the right and tidy way.

Things We Liked

  • Durable
  • Well designed.
  • ​Looks stylish and classic.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • ​Maintenance is easy.
  • Available at affordable prices.
  • Offers multiple colors and sizes.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The frame of the bike is heavy.
  • Low-quality seat and brakes.

Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 City Commuter Bike is a sturdy and heavy built frame which has been grandly launched by Critical Cycles. It is a friendly product with many interesting and exciting features.

All the features equipped in the product are attractive and mainly supportive of a perfect ride. A nice ride will always need a pleasant atmosphere and cool weather, so add the Critical Cycles lady's bike to your day to make a cool ride. The product itself is charming and enjoyable.

The best thing about this company is after the sale of the product; the Critical Cycles team made themselves available through customer helpline services. This cute Critical Cycles lady's bike will always stay and wait for you in the stores of Amazon.

The only thing you have to do is place an order for this beautiful and awesome Critical Cycles Speed Lady's Urban City Commuter Bike. It will be available at a low and affordable price. The product is durable and reliable.

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy your life.

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