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Top 15 Best Cruiser Bikes Reviews and Buyers guide 2018

Looking for Best Cruiser Bikes review? Yes, You are in the right place. A Cruiser bike which is also commonly known as beach cruiser is designed for casual and exciting riding on the beach or around the town. There are many variants of cruiser bikes, as a single-speed cruiser for a casual ride, a three-speed for the long ride and climbing hills, and a seven- speed for more intensity riding and to go farther distances.

A perfect cruiser bike makes your ride more comfortable and safer. But how do you find the best cruiser bikes? There are many options of the cruisers in the market. It is important to understand these variations and then choose the perfect beach cruiser for you.

In this situation, a lot of thought must be done before you decide to purchase the right one. By this article, you get the right direction and useful information for choosing most suitable cruiser bike to fit your budget and needs.

Which Cruiser bikes Is Perfect for Me?

It depends on your personal choice, as what kind of riding do you want? Just confirm with the features and benefits of the cruiser that perfectly serve your purposes. Below I have highlighted some top quality beach cruisers both for men and women that are perfect for both quality and price as well?

Editor Choice: Best Women's Cruiser Bikes Reviews

This Firmstrong Lady Beach cruiser is a perfectly designed and highly functional cruiser bike that you can enjoy comfortable ride around town, by the beach or on the streets. Its comes with as a single gear which perfect for casual rides, three gear for the long ride and a 7- gears for more intensity riding experience and to go longer distances.

Features & Benefits:
  • Classical design: the bike is well made, attractive and has a solid frame with a modern feel.
  • Easy & Smooth riding: The bike rides smoothly on a wide range of terrains.
  • Comfortable seat & wide tires: The over sized seat with double coil springs making your ride smooth and safe.
  • Brakes: The single speed and 3- speed cruisers have smooth coaster brakes, on the other hand, 7 speeds offer back and front brakes.
  • A strong steel headset: This provides you the ability to be in charge of your riding experience.
  • Easy to assemble for women.
  • Assemble was pretty simple and painless.
  • Accessories are easy to find.
  • Comfortable, also fun bike for the novice rider.
  • Affordable quality and light weight.
  • No option for putting a baby seat
  • The fenders are little week
Final Verdict:

This is the best cruiser bike for women that serve multiple purposes as it perfect for different environments like, - by the beach, around town, or anywhere else on a paved- unpaved surface. This is exactly the cruiser you are looking for.

Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach cruiser is one of the most popular bikes for high-level sophistication, available in the market. This bicycle is perfectly designed for all women. This provides, easy upright in almost any situation- shine or rain, beach or town.

Features & Benefits:
  • Strong& Durable Frame: The frame made of steel which provides you with a strong and durable bike.
  • Quality Wheels: Wheels are big enough (26 inches) and smooth rolling also enhances the speed.
  • Classic fenders: Fenders are full sized steel models that last long.
  • Stylish & Lightweight: It is a stylishly designed bike with light weight that ensures easy to carry.
  • Wide handlebars: wide handlebars offering the perfect condition to keep your shoulders, arms, and backs casual and agreeable.
  • Design with superior quality materials.
  • Simple upright riding experience in any situation.
  • Handlebars are enough wide.
  • Rubber block comfort pedals.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • This bicycle is little more expensive.
  • Some rider wishes the seat should more padding.
Final verdict:

This is an ideal cruiser bike for women. This bike is designed in such a way that going to fit any women who decide to ride. If you are looking for the perfect summer & beach ride, you should make this bike your companion.

This cruiser especially designed with a front basket with room for your daily essentials. Women would want comfort and safety as they cruise through the neighborhood and this is the best bike that ensures the guarantee of comfort and security.

Features & Benefits:
  • Front basket, wire basket at the front help to hold your essentials at the time of the ride.
  • Effective braking system, the coaster brakes ensure that you stop it at the time and place you want to stop.
  • Lightweight, because of lightweight it is going to be easy for the women to cruise around the city or any other surfaces.
  • Comfortable and easy to ride, classical & well-made design ensure easy and comfortable journey.
  • Double density grip & pedals, keep you comfortable throughout the ride.
  • It is Affordable
  • It has Front basket
  • It has Front beverage holder
  • Easy to use coaster brakes
  • The handlebar has an effective dual density gripping system.
  • Little problem for uphill riding.
  • Sometimes makes noise when riding.
The final verdict:

This is the best cruiser bike regarding comfort and security for the women. If you are planning to have a comfortable & smooth ride around your neighborhood and city, this is the right one designed for you.

This Kent Oakwood cruiser is one of the best women beach cruisers. With a lightweight, high-quality frame and components this is a perfect companion for cruising to the store, local coffee shop even a semi- hilly area.

Features & Benefits:
  • High-quality aluminum Frame, this ensures the durability of the bike.
  • 7- Speed Bike, 7-speed gear system makes your journey more adventurous.
  • Front and rare hand brakes, hand brakes for easy control.
  • Quick release seat post clamp, quick release seat post clamp for comfortable riding position
  • Enclose chain cover; enclose chain cover for more safety.
  • Assembling the bike is super easy
  • The seat is so nice and comfy
  • Easy to put together
  • Great upright experience without neck pain.
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively little high price
  • Front fenders are little poor quality
The final verdict:

This gorgeous women’s beach cruiser look great for years to come as well as be easy to ride and assemble. No problem where you live in the town or hilly area, the Oakwood aluminum cruiser is the best option for novice or professionals for cruising on hilly terrain as well as to the store or local coffee house.

Chatham-1 women’s beach cruiser is a popular simplest and straight forward bicycle. There are no wires and nothing to adjust, the mixte frame offers you to easy mounting and dismounting. With a minimal maintenance, this is a long- lasting choice for a daily commute.

Features & Benefits:
  • Step- thru Frame, the frame made of high tensile strength steel which offers a simple way to mounting and dismounting.
  • High Handlebars, higher handlebars of this cruiser make sure a more comfortable upright riding position.
  • Wanda Tires, the tires are extra wide for stability and make your journey smooth.
  • Double Wall Rims, this helpful for extending the life of your cruiser by protecting tubes from spokes.
  • Comfort design, this cruiser designed such a way that takes rider comfort and safety.
  • Frame made of high tensile strength steel
  • Single speed with coaster brakes
  • Light weight and durable pedals.
  • Cushy grips and adjustable seat.
  • A simple way to mounting and dismounting.
  • No wires and no hand brakes
  • Some complain that the seat is not super comfortable.
Final verdict:

The Chatham is one of the best beach cruisers to women for the simple and clean mechanism. This bike is relatively stronger and more durable than its competitors. With a minimal maintenance, this is a long- lasting choice for a daily commute.

This is exactly a cruiser bicycle with lightweight aluminum frame and a Shimano 7 speed gear. For a comfortable upright position, there are high rise handlebars & soft padded seat. However, it also includes pull brakes, complete fenders, cup holder and a wire mesh basket.

Features & Benefits:
  • Durable aluminum frame, aluminum frame with lightweight makes it more strength.
  • Multi-Speed Gear, Shimano seven speed gear with Revo twist shifter m ensure easy maintenance
  • Front & rear side Pull brakes, front and rear pull brakes for smooth control
  • High-rise handlebars, offer a better experience of upright riding position.
  • Soft padded seat, this offers a smooth and enjoyable ride.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • The Shimano gear shifter is awesome and super simple to use.
  • High-rise handlebars
  • Comfortable upright riding position
  • Fun decorative details with the squeaky parrot and cup holder
  • Relatively high price
  • Little problem for serious cyclers.
The Final Verdict:

It is very well built and has really fun decorative details with the squeaky parrot and cup holder. It rides like a dream. It is highly recommended and very competent casual sports rider.

The stylish Pomona women's cruiser bike is the perfect choice for recreational, leisure cycling and cycling around town. This bike offers a smooth ride experience and comes with comfortable cruiser saddle and custom design tires. Its Aluminum frame ensures lightweight and durability.

Features & Benefits:
  • Customized cruiser tires, alloy rims with custom design cruiser tires offer an easy movement.
  • High-quality frame, a super quality frame made of aluminum, ensures lightweight & durability.
  • Steel Handlebar with Twist Shifters, the perfect design handlebars, and shifter ensure proper balance and control
  • Comfortable cruiser seat, a well-built cruiser seat design to offer comfort.
  • Customized cruiser tires for easy movement
  • Adjustable seat & Easy to shift gear
  • Affordable & lightweight
  • Multipurpose riding opportunity
  • The upright sitting position is nice for cruising.
  • The seat is little uncomfortable
  • The brakes are pretty noisy
The Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a bike to cruise short distance like trips to the store or coffee shop as well as other occasional leisure rides, then this is a great consideration for you. It is also a female friendly cruiser for its unique features.


This Beach cruiser is designed in such a way that makes Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle a stylish choice for occasional rides around the city, by the beach, and thru the neighborhood. The frame and handlebars allow you to sit up straight while you are biking.

Features & Benefits:
  • Stylish and smooth bike: Well made single- speed beach cruiser, which good for casual ride experience.
  • Classical frame design: Classic cruiser frame with dual spring saddle for the safe & comfortable ride.
  • Durable and comfortable gripes: ensure that you never let go of the grips, even after a long ride.
  • Coaster brake: Simple coaster brake that makes stopping easy.
  • Easy to assemble: easy to assemble and most importantly it is a very comfort to ride.
  • This is great for smooth, comfortable riding and control.
  • The seat is nice and bouncy
  • No complicate gear system
  • The weight is solid and well put-together feeling.
  • Assemble is very easy, the bike does mostly assemble.
  • The bike does not have a mounting screw for a water bottle holder.
  • A little bit heavy.
Final verdict:

Without any doubt, this is a strong and well-made bike with good features. The core theme of this beach cruiser is simplicity because this bike has no complicated technology. It is the best choice for many environments like around city, by the beach or anywhere else on a paved path.

This bike combines the classic design of a beach cruiser with the functionality of a hybrid or mountain bike. Which ensure you more high-intensity riding and go long distance, whether by the beach, on hard packed trails or in the city?

Features & Benefits:
  • Design for all surfaces: This provides you a smooth ride experience upon various surfaces.
  • High level of adjustment: These ensure you more high-intensity riding and go long distance.
  • More Speed options: This bike comes with seven speeds option which gives the biker enough control over flat and hilly land.
  • Superior comfort: This cruiser bicycle designed for a comfort upright ride.
  • Rubber block pedals: Rubber block pedals also ensure your journey more easy and comfortable.
  • It is perfect for use on the different surface.
  • Wider speed options and easy to maintain.
  • It is highly adjustable
  • Easy to assemble and put together.
  • Front and rear handbrakes for easy stopping.
  • A Little noise during gear change.
  • Some rider complains that the paint chips easily.
Final Verdict:

This bike is great for the beach, looks good and is a little different from other cruisers. If you are looking for a powerful and adventurous men’s hybrid beach cruiser, without any confusion this is the best option for you.

This bike looks cool and fashionable that you can have it for your journey around the city or by the beach. It is built in a very strong Schwinn steel cruiser frame, but lightweight and can be used for carrying cargo.

Features & Benefits:
  • Full fenders, that helpful for protecting riders from dust & mud.
  • Schwinn steel cruiser frame, which ensures the strength and durability of the bike.
  • Easy gear shifting, Shimano 7 speed rear derailleur with twist shift ensures smooth and easy gear shifting.
  • Wheels made of alloy material, that ensure your cruise experience not only pleasant but also as fast as possible.
  • Wide saddle with spring, Padded cruiser saddle with springs makes your journey enjoyable & sound.
  • Lightweight & durable design.
  • Protective complete fenders.
  • Easy to gear shifting.
  • Padded saddle with spring.
  • Can be used for crying cargo.
  • A little bit heavy for some rider.
  • Little problem for novice riders to maintain.
The Final verdict:

This Schwinn men bike looks stylish and cool. It is built in a very strong steel Schwinn frame for smooth and comfort ride. It is a great choice for your journey to the beach and around town with enjoyable & sound.

Kent Rockvale Men’s Cruiser Bike comes with classic design with the latest functionality. Its sturdy frame will never let you down while riding on different surfaces, including trails, paved-unpaved roads. Besides its attractive looks, this cruiser also features super linear pull brakes and a comfortable saddle.

Features and Benefits:
  • Sturdy frame, combines classic designed frame with modern functionality.
  • Design for a different surface, smoothly riding on the different surface, including unpaved roads or trails.
  • Linear pull brakes, by this you can maintain your rides perfectly.
  • Adjustable saddle, the adjustable saddle height gives you a perfect fit.
  • Classic designed steel frame.
  • Easy to ride on different surface
  • Chain enclose with a cover
  • Quick release seat post clamp
  • Assemble process is most easy.
  • Tires are not huge to absorb every vibration.
  • Little problem to ride on a bumpy road.
The Final Verdict:

Being inexpensive, this bike is a classically designed frame with modern functionality. The ride is comfort and ease of use. This bike also provides you smooth and easy riding on the different surface including paved – unpaved roads or trails.

This bike has a very stable handling ability on all surfaces, especially it is easy to handle in snow. Its massive tires, 7-speed gear, disc brakes, and adjustable handlebars ensure not only comfortable rides but also athletic riding position.

Features & Benefits:
  • Steel Cruiser Frame, well-built frame ensure strength & durability for years of use.
  • Oversized tires, for this you can greater stability, comfort and a wide variety of terrains to ride on.
  • Double shifters, the bike designed with twist shifters for change gear easily.
  • Dual disc brakes, the bike’s dual disk brakes ensure that you can break easily under critical conditions, even dusty or wet conditions.
  • 7 Speed gear, 7-speed gear system with rear derailleur makes your journey more safe and adventurous.
  • Comfortable and sturdy at a great price.
  • This will take you where your road bike can’t and can handle almost any terrain.
  • Stable handling ability in various terrains.
  • It is very easy to handle in the snow for its oversized and firm tires.
  • Front and rear disk brakes for greater control over the bike & greater safety.
  • No bottle holder
  • No rack mounts in back
The final verdict:

This bike is specially designed to ride smoothly on a wide variety of terrain, especially in snow. If you want to do some light riding in the winter or sand, (also does great on gravel trails) then it is a great consideration.

The stylish Northwoods Pomona Men’s Cruiser is one of the best men friendly cruisers. This is such a comfortable bike which is perfect for trips to the store or coffee shop. Its aluminum built frame and custom design tires ensure the safety of the riders.

Features and Benefits:
  • Strong Aluminum Frame, the aluminum construction, and alloy wheels make it much lighter.
  • Adjustable seat, the seat height can be adjustable for all riders.
  • 7-speed gears, 7 gears are plenty adequate for trail riding.
  • Twice Shifters, the shifting is efficient with the handlebar shifter.
  • Shimano Rear Derailleur, a high-quality rear derailleur from Shimano.
  • Easy to put together and fun to ride
  • Smooth shifting and the shock assist with ride comfort
  • Good adjustment range for seat and handlebar
  • Multipurpose riding opportunity
  • The upright sitting position is nice for cruising.
  • Little problem for serious rides
  • The brakes are pretty noisy
The Final Verdict:

The Northwoods Pomona cruiser bike is great for trips to the store or coffee shop as well as leisure rides. Being men friendly this is a great consideration for those who are seeking a bike to cruise short distance. It surely makes your life more colorful and enjoyable.

This is a comfortable beach cruiser bicycle for professional assemble. This beautiful cruiser bike provides the crank forward design frame which offers it easier for rider reaching the ground. It also includes coaster brakes, comfortable saddle, and durable matching color rubber grips.

Features & Benefits:
  • Durable frame, lightweight aluminum frame with crank design offering a smooth riding experience.
  • Rear coaster brakes, the coaster brakes ensure that you stop according to your need.
  • Saddle with double spring, this makes your journey super comfortable.
  • Stable matching color rubber grips, this makes it colorful and attractive
  • Crake forward design frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very smooth ride
  • Awesome paint quality
  • Leather saddle with twin spring
  • Weight is limited: 200 lbs
  • Recommended for Professional assemble
The Final Verdict:

Great bike for tooling around the neighborhood to the pool or by the beach. lightweight aluminum alloy frame with crank forward design offer you a smooth and adventurous riding experience. It is a great choice for those who are seeking a simple and adventurous ride.

Avalon 26 inch men’s Cruiser bike is an ideal bike for the novice or the enthusiast who wants to go get out for a recreational ride. It comes with seven-speed gear, quick release seat clamp and rolling street tires which add comfort while you ride across the road or alleys.

Feature & Benefits:
  • Dual suspension frame, dual suspension frame & fork provide bump proof riding.
  • 7-speed gear system, the Shimano seven speed gear system adds speed and comfort of your journey.
  • Alloy linear pull brakes, front and rear alloy linear pull brakes for easy control.
  • Adjustable seat, perfect adjustable alloy stem with quick release for the comfortable riding position.
  • Rolling street tires, the rolling street tires ensure a smooth ride for all surfaces.
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Easy to use shifting and braking
  • Quick release seat clamp
  • Bump- proof riding
  • Easy mechanism
  • Easy to assemble for someone who knew nothing about bikes.
  • Actually nothing, just one thing the rear shock is mostly for show.
The final verdict

This is an ideal cruise bike for the beginner or the enthusiast who wants to go get out for a recreational leisure ride. No matter if you knew nothing about bikes; its mechanism ensures such a simple way which perfect both for novice and professionals.

Why Need a Cruiser Bike?

If you love cycling, then you should have a cruiser bike. A cruiser bike ensures absolute cycling feeling for its unique features. This is the perfect bike for casual riding, especially by the beach or around the town. You can use it for comfortable ride and mode of transport as well.

Being Environment-friendly, these cruiser bikes are very useful for your body postures. Cruiser bikes are helpful for move your body gentle and in a motion which removes back pain and recover injury.

Cruiser also provides the opportunity for full body workout which helps you with your cardiovascular fitness, strength training, balance, and stamina.

What is a cruiser bike good for..? Here's the in-depth guide about it. Check this out.

How to Choose the Best Cruiser Bikes?

You must focus on some crucial issues that should consider while choosing an ideal cruiser for you. Following are the key factors to consider before Buying a Cruiser Bike:

  • What Types of Riding Do You Want?

Obviously, the most important factor to keep in mind is the type of riding you want to do. Your riding purpose would determine what type of cruiser is perfect for you. If you want to use the bike for an adventurous ride, then you have to look for a bike suitable for that purpose.

  • Bike Size:

Another important factor to consider is the bike size to choose the best cruiser. It is not safe or comfortable to ride a bike which is not your perfect size. There are numerous brands and sizes cruiser available in the market. So it is important to select an ideal size cruiser according to your height, weight, and sex.

  • Bike Frame:

You have to consider the type of materials used to build the bike frame. The strength and durability of a cruiser bicycle are depending on the material used to construct its frame.

Commonly, cruiser bike frames are constructed from two materials like steel and aluminum. Steel frames are a little bit heavy and cheap on the other hand, aluminum frames are relatively lightweight and little more expensive.

  • Maintenance:

Perhaps, maintenance is another significance factor for having a durable bike. Some bikes are simple to maintenance, others are little more complicated. So you should focus on your maintenance capacity before purchase one.

  • Gears:

In general, cruiser bikes offer a single speed, 3 and 7- speed gears. The single speed gear bikes are designed for casual or beach riding. On the other hand, 3 or 7 gear bikes are suitable for traveling long distances and climbing hills. Another crucial factor to consider when choosing gears is whether you like to have hand brakes or coaster brakes.

  • Budget:

The last but not least important factor to consider is the price to select best cruiser bikes. There are many brands on the market with common features, but they are varying in terms of materials used to build the bikes.

Before choosing one, you should focus on your budget as well as the quality of the bike. Look for those with the great quality within a reasonable price that must serve your specific needs.

The Final Thoughts about the best beach cruiser bikes:

Cruiser bikes are great for casual and exciting riding by the beach, around the town or many other terrains. No matter if you are a beginner or professional, these bikes are very easy to maintenance as well as comfortable and safer.

There are several kinds of cruiser bikes available in the market. So it is important to find out the right one which perfects for you. In this context, a lot of thought must be done before purchase one.

Above mention cruiser bikes are the best and well investigated. If you are seeking for the best cruiser bikes, then without any confusion you can choose any one from the above. Just ensure the features and benefits of the bike based on your need and budget.

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