Top 10 Best BMX Bikes Reviews (2019 Update)– Buyers Guide

Best BMX Bikes

BMX is a popular name in bike world.You can choose it without thinking too much. From an experienced freestyle bike rider to amateur or kid rider goes with this bike as their first choice. BMX bike is the first preference of parents as a gift for their beloved children since its kid-friendly design gets great impression over them.

Though best BMX bikes are particularly designed for kids and toddlers, any race freak biker loves to ride this bike without any doubt. Hence, take new riding experience with this bike and make yourself as dirt jumper and freestyle race lover.



Are you looking for a bike for your school going kid who did caprice? Now shake off all tension and takeKent Pro 20 Boy's Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch which is the best gift for your kid.

This fabulous bike with 20’’ wheels with pegscan bear any weight with great relaxation because it has all features to impress your kids. The pegs are easily changeable through unscrewing them.

Kent Pro 20 Boy's Freestyle Bike is designed with welded steel frame and fork which gives strength and durability. The rider can take freestyle riding even on the rough road due to having alloy seat clamp.

Your kid will be amused after having great experience of riding on this best BMX freestyle bike that has front and rear hand breaks. Henceforth, he will enjoy fearless riding using powerful breaks anytime he wants.

The bike includes freestyle rotor feature so that the rider can take part in dirt jump and tough path riding. Besides, he can easily take part in the race and stunt performance. Any 9+-year-old kid will definitely consider such bike as his best gift ever.


  • Kid friendly, appropriatefor9+ years old
  • Welded steel frame and fork for improved strength
  • Freestyle rotor for easy movement even riding on therough road.
  • Adjustable alloy seat clamp for riding movement.


  • Chances to lose parts anytime, as all parts need to be assembled
  • Its height is only kids favorable

If you eagerly want to buy a bike for your 6 to 9-year-old boy, then this Dynacraft 8109-34ZTJ Boys Throttle Magna Bike with a high-finish gloss of green and black frame should be your best choice. This BMX bike with deluxe color attracts kids. Because this bike is particularly designed for little boys, it comes with adjustable wheels to maintain a balance that the little kid enjoys fearless riding.

The handlebar and padded saddle provide extra comfort, and coaster brakes ensure safe riding. However, you will be glad to see your kid riding on this bike with great joy. Another thing that makes the bike more attractive to any kid is heavy metallic rugged frame painted with black and red graphics.

You want your six years old son to learn bike riding for the first time, but are confused which bike is perfect for him.So, you can fulfill your wish with Dynacraft 8109-34ZTJ Boys Throttle Magna Bike, since the bike gets all features as per your choices toward your little fellow.

This BMX bike consists of durable and heavy adjustable parts which are easily changeable if it needs. The little rider will get comfort seating on padded saddle and control the bike easily. As this bike offers rear coaster for solid control, the kid can save himself from falling.


  • Easily assemble parts
  • Attracted color to kids
  • Adjustable comfort seat
  • Heavy and durable metallic frame


  • Difficult to assemble all parts
  • Bike’s fork gets badlybent

Mongoose Legion Mag bicycle is famous to those who love freestyle riding and racing. Since a bike racer freak always prefers a durable and lightweight bike, he can go for fearless and rules free ride. Owning such bike, one will get himself as a breaker of own record.

Hi-ten steel frame and fork make the mongoose bike more durable than other bikes available in the market. The bike consists of cable detangler that rider gets 360-degree handlebar spin. You also find alloy caliper and rear u-brake for asecure stop in immediate purpose. You will get the bike with aluminum mag wheels and sealed bearing. Since such wheels help to turn heads smoothly, you will go for the race with freedom.

This bike belongs to light weight and aerodynamic features, which protect extreme and fearless riders from tough landing and impact of huge air. Even the rider can pass a rough and slide road with safety. Its amazing design will allow you to sudden brake and rotate in 360-degree maneuverability. So go for freestyle riding with this best BMX bike anytime.

The Legion mag bicycle encourages the rider for new thrilling experiments. Even the path may be gnarly mountain trails or dense jungle. Taking a dirt jump from sloping mountain with a safe landing, you will feel like flying bird. Though the bike has alloy caliper brake, you will be able to rotate your bike suddenly. So what are you waiting for? Get this bike and discover yourself newly.


  • Hi-ten steel frame and fork
  • Extremely light weightfor easy landing
  • Alloy caliper brake and rear u-brakes for safe riding.


  • Difficult to assemble the parts

Razor agitator BMX bike has some cool features which easily impress any freestyle biker. If you are a trick rider and looking for a bike that has 20-inch freestyle frame and comes with four axle pegs, then this bike is for you.Many recommend that this is fabulous for pro-style handlebar spinning due to having 360-degree rotors.

This BMX belongs to freestyle trick loving bikers because it has front alloy caliper brakes what helps to move, jump and U-turn from any angle. The frame is strong enough with a striking brushed finish to attract any bikers. Its front alloy caliper brakes enable a biker to stop anytime. A biker can ride for hours on this Razor Agitator bike since it has a comfortable padded saddle.

One can assemble this bike with minimum effort. The durable four axle pegs and wheels last for years. Aside from that, its cool rotor is for performing 360-degree spinning whenever you want. The bike looks more attractive with the striking brushed frame.

So get riding with this bike wherever you want to go and take your freestyle with cool moves.


  • Perfect for freestyle trick riding.
  • Padded saddle for comfort riding
  • 360-degree rotors for pro-style spinning
  • Durable frame


  • Difficulties to assemble the brake together

Chillafish BMX bike is specially designed for little kids to learn bike riding at a nearly age. It has a real BMX-style bicycle frame what makes the riding more fun and provides proper balance through adjusting to different heights as needed.The height can be locked with at wist and lock technology for a perfect fit every ride. You may also give the bike more attractive look as per your kid choice.

ChillafishBMXie-RS: BMX Balance Bike is made of the rubber skin tires with rubber outer layer which gives more comfort to ride and superb grip. The kid gets safe riding since it has burst-resistant tires which seem to real one. This cool bike is made with strong and durable ultra-light frame which is from high quality and fiber glass reinforced.

Its easy height adjustment makes sure the preference to all age kids with any height. As usually kids fond of the colorful sticker to attach to their favorite things and this bike is also designed as their choices. Besides, the bike gets cool, over sized tubing, an intuitive form which displays the color with their personality.

There are different color and pattern bikes as per kid’s choice whether they are girls or boys. It’s extremely light weight feature enables a baby to move freely whose age may be two years old.So you will be glad to see your kid riding and sliding with great fun, as it is uniquely designed based on kid safety.


  • Made with high-quality, fiberglass-reinforced frame
  • Ultra-light strong and durable bike
  • Airless rubber skin tire
  • Removable footrest and detachable front number plate included


  • Not fit for above 4-year old kids

FatBoy Mini BMX Bicycle Freestyle Bike Fat Tires is for all age’s people who love freestyle riding. This fabulous bike comes with something different and rugged things to beef up the original Fat Boy BMX bike with new additions. So tricks loving rider will find this durable bike with an upgraded 3-pieces crank set, pedals, and reinforced frame.

The FatBoy consists of 6 ply green tires, black grinding pegs, and hi steel tag weld frame which make it more attractive to all. The structure can withstand the Gnarliest Bomb hard tricks out there. And the durable and reinforced weld frame handles any rugged terrain and epic box tricks.

This is the bike for all though it seems to smaller. But this best quality BMX bike is made with hi ten steel tag weld frame which refers to strength and durability. The fat wheels are wrapped with six-ply green tires and rubber grips that the kids get safe and balanced riding.The 3-piece crankset can handle any bomb hard action and keep you on smooth rolling.

Eventually, its durability, color combination, and kids friendly features get attraction as the best choice. It has BMX trick pedals for fearless riding. Moreover, it features the great designs for freestyle trick riding.It’s pretty sure that you may not worry much to choose this bike.


  • 6ply green tires with rubber grip for safety
  • BMX trick pedals for smooth riding
  • Impressive frame with hi ten steel tag weld
  • Handle rugged terrain and epic box tricks.


  • Difficult to adjust to height.

Most people want to own a bike having a durable brake, strong frame, and great look. It is a bit tough to find all qualities in a bike. But I must say that the Hoffman Cirrus Boy's BMX Bike Silver, 20" Wheel is designed with almost your all requirements. Besides, this is for those who love freestyle riding.

This is another best BMX bike which consists of 3 pieces tubular chromoly 175 mm crank along with poly platform pedals. Such pedals ensure safe riding for the kid. Moreover, this excellent bike is built with hi-tensile freestyle frame that grabs the attention of bike lovers. Another great feature is the bike is equipped with 36 hole single wall alloy rims which make the bike more durable and light weight.

25/9 alloy cassette gearing helps you to ride the bike with quick and smooth pedaling. You will also be able to take any freestyle riding tricks with this bike because it has hi tensile steel frame. The ultra light unified seat ensures extra comfort sitting, which has beautifully embroidered Kevlar top.

You can take dirt jump riding on this best BMX bike because it includes athreadless headset and Hoffman Razz grips what provide smooth landing with safety. It has alloy rear only for U brake. Besides that, the bike gets some fabulous features which make it one of the best choices indeed.


  • Hi tensile steel frame for freestyle biking.
  • Gearing with alloy cassette for smooth and quick pedaling.
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Threadless headset ensures free jumping.


  • Sometimes the pedal hampers to ride.

Mongoose Legion L20 20" Wheel Freestyle Bike, one of the finest BMX bikes, is quite popular with the bike lovers. This freestyle bike is equipped with hi ten steel frame and fork. The young riders find the bike more special because this bike belongs with a 20’’toptube, 20’’microdrive BMX gear, and 360-degree rotor. Along with these features, Mongoose Legion passes all test to the challenge loving bikers.

An experienced and freestyle freak biker seeks the durability and strong frame made with the hi-ten material. Here Mongoose Legion is assembled with hi ten steel frame and fork. 360-degree rotor for wicked bar spin and U-brakes, attached with this cool BMX bike, enables the rider to fearless movement or jump from any angle. Besides, it has the four freestyle pegs that the rider gets landing grinds and tricks.

The Mongoose bike has smooth wheels covered with the extra-largedurable tire so that a freestyle rider can get a great landing after jumping from a height. Aside from these, the bike gets simple and strong gear with cassette driver and 1-piece steel cranks.

So break yourself to do something greater than your peer's groups and show the world your record breaking performance with this bike. Since this is a lightweight and aerodynamic bike with the resistance of impact of huge air and tough landing.So this time is to elevate your riding on Mongoose Legion.


  • Durable hi ten steel frame and fork
  • Smooth riding with alloy mag wheels and rims
  • U-brake and 360-degree rotor for freestyle riding
  • Strong gear with cassette drive and 1-piece steel cranks.


  • Brake level is hard to squeeze and quick stop.

As an experienced biker, you know Bounce Nemesis Mini BMX bike is the name of excellence. Though this is small in size but it’s superb in performance. The mini Bounce Nemesis is enough for you to cruise your neighborhood and mess up the skate parks.

The bike is not only suitable for kids, but you will be astonished after watching freestyle riding and dirt jumping by young people riding on the little one. The bike gets a great impression of professionals who know it's made with reinforced frame designed to take a serious thrashing.The bike is also suitable for tighter geometry tricks which are difficult to perform with a normal bike.

A Bounce Nemesis bike is designed with 28/9 gearing to ensure super speed and 10’’ over sized tires to go everywhere you want to go. This bike has cassette style driver and is getting developed with forefront technology. Therefore riding on it, you will feel the difference compared to others.


  • Able to hold up to 15kg
  • Ultra-light weight plastic pedal
  • Alloy top load stem


  • Difficult to source the parts if needed.

You may experience with different BMX bikes before, but acquainted with the Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike, you will find a complete super bicycle ever. As a perfectionist, you will have some impressive features on this bike, since it comes with a tough steel frame and fork, knobby on tires 20’’ wheels, and single gear for any situation. So, Nitrus is a super bike to any young dirt ripper who loves fearless and freestyle biking.

This is one of the sturdy and safe handling bikes which is made with hi tensile steel durable frame and strong fork. Linear pull rear brake makes the bike easier to stop any time. Along with these, the fabulous bike has simple and reliable single speed drive train for delivering power to the driving wheels.

It provides easier adjust ability when the rider takes comfort sitting on the extra durable seat. Probably you are so fond of taking challenging dirt jumps. Then this Nitrus bike will be in the list of your favorite bikes because its frame and fork are super strong and long lasting.

In most case, an experienced biker seeks a bike with 2-piece solid chromo cranks for providing ultimate power. Interestingly, this Diamondback BMX bike is designed with such feature for freestyle jump and ramp loving biker.


  • Long lasting hi tensile steel frame and strong fork
  • Easy to handle with freestyle riding
  • Simple and reliable single speed drivetrain


  • The plastic chain guard is not much durable.

What Are The Benefits of The Best BMX Bikes?

People love riding on BMX bike is not only for recreation but also for health benefits. Some physicists suggest that physical workout is better than medical treatment and cycle riding is one of the best one.Along with health benefits, many other things you will find from riding.

Kid Friendly Design: BMX bike is most popular to kids whose age 4 to 18 years old. The height, structure, frame, pedals, and brake are designed based on kids’ preferences. In purchasing a bike for kids, parent’s first choice is BMX bike.

Eco-friendly Transport: People are likely to reach their destination within a short time by fast transport like a motor car, bus, etc. Environment supporters and specialists find that the motor car is one of the biggest causes of environmental pollution. Because it exhausts a lot of flue gas which affects our health and environment too.In this case, BMX bike is only transportation helps to keep clean our environment since it is designed as eco-friendly one.

Escaping Way of Traffic Jam: We all know Time is money’. Everyone wants to be in his workplace in time,and it causes heavy traffic jam during office hour which results in waste of valuable time every day. A bike rider can easily avoid such disgusting traffic jam riding everywhere with his bike and thus be on time.

Everywhere Riding: Bike is only vehicle fit for all type of road even rough road. People can also ride on sloping mountain road. Interestingly almost all BMX models are specially designed for all type road riding.

Light Weight:  BMX usually gets lighter weight than any other bike. As the bike comes with this feature, all bike freaks accept this bike as their first choice, because light weight helps the rider to take any style easily.

Find The Great Health Benefits of BMX Bikes

Body Fitness: Bike riding prevents the body from fat increasing. All figure conscious people love to do this since-full body muscles do exercise and become strong during riding. There are many people who regularly ride bikes as a physical exercise. For such fitness loving people, BMX bike is perfect for maintaining body fitness.

Cardiovascular Fitness: All cardiologists recommend their patients riding a bike regularly. Because doing this, the heart gets exercise and blood are properly circulated throughout the body. Interestingly, regular cycling can also ensure sufficient oxygen flow from the heart to brains. So riding a BMX bike helps you to keep your heart active.

Recreation Purpose: Thousands of people take cycling as a great recreation source around the world. As you know that the Olympic committee included cycling as a game. Many riders accept it as their profession. To amuse the people, every year some organizations arrange world cycling championship competition. If you are just a passionate rider, but still you will get a lot of amusement through riding, racing, jumping and so on with such a BMX bike.

Reducing Weight: Many nutritionists advise their patients doing physical exercises for maintaining proper weight. As you know, cycling is one of the best exercises because such physical workout can burn fat from belly, arms,legs and from hip and thigh too. Besides, weight reducing helps to control some diseases such as diabetes, cardio problems, etc. Having a best quality BMX bike with advanced features can help to keep your weight under control with minimal effort.

Nowadays, bike riding refers to easy exercise to all age people. Many organizations arrange cycling programs voluntarily. Their primary target is to aware people of its benefits. As a physical exercise, many people love to do it for getting some health benefits too.

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What Concerns Should BMX Bike Buyers Have?

BMX bike is an ultimate bike to the bike lovers. This bike varies from different features and types too. Lightweight and strong bike enables anybody to take any style riding which may be freestyle, dirt jumping, racing, overlap, and cruiser. So considering your buying purpose of a BMX bike, there are some concerns need to be thought before spending money.

Rider’s Age:Bike is designed based on who will ride and his age. BMX mostly targets toward children, teenager, and adults as per different heights. So before buying this bike, you must consider the age of the rider.

Purposeof Use:A normal configuration BMX bike at a low price is pretty sufficient for children or teenager riding near the neighborhood. But if you are a bike freak who loves freestyle riding, racing or dirt jumping, definitely should choose the bike with a strong frame, fork, 360-degree rotor, and durable brake.

Bike Frame:You have to know about the frame of the BMX bike which you are going to buy. Chromoly made frame is strongest and lightest alloy which most of the high configuration BMX bikes have. Some are also made with high tensile steel frame and fork which makes the bike more durable. So you should decide which frame you need to have in your desired BMX bike.

Budget: Bikes are usually rated based on their price, features, durability, and standards. And based on such factors, top quality BMX bikes prices vary from hundred to couple of hundred bucks. Bike prices also vary from different brands too. So pick the best BMX bikes with your desired features and configuration within your budget.

Bike Brake: For better riding experience, some BMX bikes include rear foot brakes, and some are available with front handbrake. For different riding styles, you need a suitable brake. Like you need a front brake for freestyle, and overlap riding and rear brake for dirt jumping and racing. You also should know about spinning handlebars including cable detangler to prevent the brake cables from binding when the rider spins the handlebar. So you need to consider which type of brakes you need to have in your desired BMX bike.

Axle Pegs: BMX bike has strong axle to withstand the extreme forces exposed during riding. You should know that the dirt and overlap jumper needs stronger axles than freestyle, racing, and cruiser bike rider.

The racers don’t need axel pegs because they add weight and complexity to their bikes and make difficulties to turn sharply. So as per your riding style, you should pick a bike with right axle pegs.

Wheels and Tires:Usually BMX bike comes with 20’’ tires mounted on 20’’ wheels, but the combination of tires and wheels differs from riding style. Like cruiser needs the BMX bike with 24 ‘’ tires and 24’’ wheels combination. Other hand BMX racers use off-road, knobby tires mounted on 36 wheels tire.

The dirt jumper and overlap bike rider prefer 48 spoke wheels combination for riding in knobby and off-road. So, choose right wheel and tire combination based on your riding style with BMX.

For fulfilling your buying needs, you should know about the brands available out there. Additionally, you have to ensure the safety equipment you need during the bike riding.

What BMX Bike Brands are the Best?

Now, you know which type of BMX bikes is suitable to ride and buy, but confused about the brand. Buying a best quality BMX bike depends on a reputed brand which is renowned for a quality product. Hence you should be careful in selecting the right branded bike through knowing various brands.


An American company engages in importing bicycle and bicycle accessories around the world. This company is owned by Karamveer Choudhary. Their products are imported from China, Taiwan, and Portugal. They supply top BMX bikes name as Kent Pro 20 Boy's Freestyle Bike,


Dynacraft is the trusted name that makes gorgeous and well-designed bike especially for the boys. If you’re someone who likes fast and wild driving then it assures finding real taste of bike riding. Moreover, the adjustable seats let you feel safer and enjoyable when ride over it. Durable tiers or coastal brake all such things are lovable for you.


Mongoose is lightweight, park-ready and great structured what is different from other forms of traditional bike. The brands offer versatile sorts of bike and they are in genuine durable. A significant number of customers certify to go for it. Rather, it furnishes enormous types of benefits for riders in terms of expense, design or something else. So eliminates the chance of restriction so feel the real freedom along with the Mongoose.


Hoffman is just highly popular bike brands for the younger. Its design, shape or other traits are unique. Apart from that, the steel, frame or tiers are enough for a long lasting service. Poly platform pedals and seats placement are two great appetences for the bike. In truth, you don’t have to face any perplexity to consume this brand.


There are a variety of bike’s brands are available out there and among them Chillafish recognized and popular one. Airless RubberSkin tires, superb grip or perfect cushion all are great benefits for this brand. Over sized tubing, maximum weight holding capacity and benefits related to these are the common traits for the brand.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best BMX Bikes

You make a decision in purchasing a BMX bike, but don’t know which things you should consider before buying. Along with your bike riding skills, you should also learn about different bike features and benefits. So check out some essential things before buying a best BMX bikes to give your kids as gifts.

Who will Ride: There are various types of riders who follow different riding styles like freestyle riding, dirt jumping, flatland riding, and so on. As per such styles, bikes are also different to ride. So choose the style you want to follow and then buy the bike of a good brand.

Choosing a Brand: You will find many bike brands in the market. All brands don’t produce same quality bikes. So you should consider brand reputations, customer reviews, product features, and recent market reports in choosing a better bike brand. Because well-branded products usually ensure better quality.

Budget: If you have already decided which style bike you are looking for then it needs to figure out how much money you should spend to have it. To match with the budget, you have to make a list of bikes and make some strict comparisons of each completes in that price range. To make a list, you can use information from company websites, e-commerce sites, or review sites. It will help you to buy a bike at your budget.

Bike with Chromoly: Chromoly refers to the frames, forks, and bars made with strong and lightweight alloy metal. Many bikes come with steel frame, forks, and bars which make the bike less durable, and bit heavier. So for buying a top rated BMX bikes, make sure that the bike has this feature at the required price range.

Light Weight Bike: A lightweight bike is always recommended for easy and comfort riding. All riding styles need such type bike as it is easy to handle. However, lightweight bike usually has the parts and particles made with good materials. Hence you should choose the bike which is comparatively light in weight.

Shop with Service Plan: You will find a couple of shops which serve customers free services for future repair of the bike. This kind of service usually extends from six months to one year. Some bike sellers help buyers by giving tips about proper maintenance of a bike. So you need to select a bike seller who offers some instruction on self-repairing the spoke, tighten the spoke, and dial in the brakes.

Safety for Kids: Parents should be careful in purchasing bikes for their kids. According to the age, they have to choose the right bike having safety parts. Some BMX bikes have a height adjustment feature that kids get on with any height.Bikes front wheels are designed like that the kid gets to balance. Besides, you should also ensure of having helmet, guards, and training wheels for their safety.

Choosing a right one depends on your experience and smartness. I must say that the above guide will help you to choose the best one if you are looking for the Best BMX bikes for kids. Don't forget to make sure having safety equipment and perfect assembling of all parts, Good Luck

Final Words

Now all things you know about a BMX bike and gather all clues will help to choose a right one with having thenecessary equipment. You may also consider taking a test-riding as thefinal step before buying.

If the bike riding is to cover alonger distance, then choose the classic style. That is likely the best all-around option.So firstly know what type rider you are and then go for buying the Best BMX Bikes forever.

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